What’s the Best Corded Jigsaws on the Market

corded-jigsawWe all know corded jigsaws for the power and versatility. In this review of three of the best corded jigsaws, we will introduce users some of the popular and best corded jigsaw models out there so that you can make a better purchase decision.

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Benefits of corded jigsaws

Corded jigsaws have a lot of power to offer. Since they are wired to the socket, and not dependent on an external battery, corded jigsaws are very powerful and are mostly suited for cutting a lot of wood for long hours. Corded jigsaws have bigger motors and generally faster blade speeds for smoother and faster cutting of materials. They are a little bit heavier than cordless jigsaws, but the greater power and cutting performance is an easy trade-off.

Last but not least, corded jigsaw despite being more performing than cordless jigsaws are also cheaper. They are simpler electric power tools than their cordless counterpart and therefore, manufacturers pass on the savings to you.

Review top 3 Corded Jigsaws

Without further ado, let us get going with our review of the top free corded jigsaws.

1. Black & Decker KS800S

black-decker-ks800sThis is a very good looking and handy corded jigsaw from Black & Decker that will not cost too much. It is very beginner friendly and has a lot to offer in terms of features and benefits to the user. It is a good looking red and black tone corded jigsaw with a variable speed control fitted to the side along with a dust blower system that helps keep the cutting clean.

Despite its low price, this model is performing for almost any type of job and would never let you down. We like how Black & Decker even honors the guarantee with a three-year labor free guarantee on this model, which shows that it is a good and heavy-duty model.

2. Mac Allister Pendulum Action

mac-allister-pendulum-actionOne of our all-time favorite corded jigsaw, the Mac Allister Pendulum Action is a very threatening looking power tool that almost looks like a futuristic gun from afar. But threats aside, under the hood, this corded jigsaw is extremely high-performing and very handy, both as a jigsaw and also as a power tool as it sits very comfortably in the hand. Indeed, it has a good ergonomic form factor and we generally love how it feels while operating it.

It has a heavy and durable construction and will last you for years. All the buttons, including the variable speed control is in the right place so you will not have any problem operating this corded jigsaw under any circumstances.

3. DeWalt DW331

dewalt-dw331k-jigsawVoted as one of the best corded jigsaw by popular woodworking magazines, the Dewalt DW331 is an iconic jigsaw that is extremely high-performing. If you have a lot of wood to cut, then this is the ideal model because it is very heavy-duty and will never let you down.

This brilliant model has all the right features and buttons to make it an exceptional corded jigsaw that many professional woodworkers cannot live without. If you depend on your power tool all day long, then this model most definitely fit the bill.

Best of all, it is made by a brand that is reputed for making extremely high quality and dependable power tools so this is a big plus in our book.