Top 5 Cordless Jigsaws for Woodworker

best-cordless-jigsawsBefore starting with our top five cordless jigsaws reviews, it is a good idea to start talking about the benefits of cordless jigsaws as this is something that can easily be omitted, and yet a very important factor in helping you decide whether you need a cordless jigsaw or not.

Benefits of using cordless jigsaws

There are indeed plenty of benefits that come with a cordless jigsaw. One of the prime benefits of getting a cordless jigsaw is that it is portable. Indeed, portability is at the heart of the cordless jigsaw. They can easily be stored in a bag and carried to the worksite as cordless jigsaws also tend to be relatively lighter than their counterpart corded jigsaws.
Therefore, if you’re looking for something that is portable and you can easy carry in your bag than a cordless jigsaw will make a lot of sense to you.

Another benefit that is massive and is attached to a cordless jigsaw is that a cordless jigsaw can easily reach hard to reach places like tight spots. If you consistently work in tight corners and hard-to-reach places, then a cordless jigsaw is mostly suited for you. You will not have to worry about wires getting in the way with a cordless jigsaw.

Another great benefit of cordless jigsaw is power to performance ratio. In 2016, the line between a corded jigsaw and a cordless jigsaw is very thin. Indeed, manufacturers are making very powerful cordless jigsaw that are apt for most jobs most of the time.

Reviews of 5 Cordless Jigsaws

Let us start now with our review of the five best cordless jigsaw models.

1. RYOBI ZRP 523

This model from Ryobi is a beast looking cordless jigsaw that has many great and positive reviews to back it up. The reason is simple, as is his cordless jigsaw is extremely high-performing and versatile on the workplace. Most people who have used this cordless jigsaw have not had any problem with it.

It offers ample power and a variable speed control that can made the blade go from 1100 to 3000 SPM in a few milliseconds. What this technically means is that it can cut through almost any material with exceptional ease and comfort to the hand. Indeed, Ryobi employs an anti-vibration mechanism that adds added comfort to the user.

Not only this, it comes with a slew of features that is very beginner friendly and is offered at an exceptionally low price that will not break the bank. This is a dependable model that should not cost you a fortune and yet you will reach out for every day on the worksite.


dewalt-dc330bAsk any carpenter or professional would work around and they would tell you that Dewalt makes one of the best power tools out there. The DC330B from Dewalt is definitely not an exception to this rule as it is an exceptionally comfortable and powerful cordless jigsaw.

The maximum speed of this model is a 3000 SPM and has a five speed control that is only a finger away. It is an incredibly versatile power tool that can cut through almost any material ranging from wood to plastic to even metal, granted that it is retrofitted with the appropriate blade.

It is also a beast looking jigsaw that looks very professional and heavy-duty. And indeed, it is a very heavy-duty and high-performing cordless jigsaw that will serve you for years to come. Most definitely one of the best cordless jigsaw that you can find out there.


This model from do what is the smaller brother of the DC330B reviewed above but it is equally high-performing with the only exception that it is taller. But told her form factor and shows that it you get more grip and comfort in handling the jigsaw for longer period of time. It also sends less vibrations along the power tool to your hand making it more comfortable to handle as well.

It still comes in the trademark black and yellow tone that is very interesting to power tools made by Dewalt. This cordless jigsaw is powered by a 20V max motor that is extremely high-performing and can be charged in a few hours using a power charger. It is the perfect piece of machinery for anyone who cut a large amount of wood in tight spaces. Along with the included dust blower, you can work with a lot of material in all cleanliness.

We highly like this model from Dewalt mostly because of the way it looks and performs on the job. It is a little bit heavier than other cordless portable jigsaws but with the added benefit that it is extremely high-performing and one of the most powerful cordless jigsaws that exist.


porter-cable-pcc650bThis model from Porter cable is quite popular and indeed, you may have noticed it popping everywhere on the Internet recently. This particular model from Porter cable is consistently rated as one of the best cordless jigsaw by popular cordless jigsaw reviews.

It has a good ergonomic form factor with soft rubber handles and variable speed control. The maximum blade speed is not the highest in the industry, at only 2500 SPM but this is adequate for almost any kind of job out there, from DIY projects to heavy carpentry work. It also has a powerful 20 V lithium ion battery that can send 4 amps of power to the motor. As you can see, this is plenty!

Last but not least, it has a 3 orbital action setting that makes it easier to cut through tough material like hardwood and even metal.


makita-vj01w-jigsawPossibly one of my favorite cordless jigsaw model. The Makita VJ01W is a discrete looking and simple cordless jigsaw that has a lot to offer. It is not meant for heavy-duty cutting or heavy carpentry work, but it’s lightweight and relatively powerful motor is ideal for any kind of cutting job you have at home.

It comes with standard features like a 3-speed orbital setting, a variable speed control and a maximum of 2400 SPM blade speed. As you can see, it is a decent cordless jigsaw especially for the price that it is offered.

It is, therefore, suitable for mostly DIY projects and it offers a lot of versatility. It is delivered with a carrying case and quick charger.