Top 5 Jigsaw Brands Woodworker Should Know

Let’s face it, finding a good jigsaw whether it is cordless or corded is not an easy thing. The problem is there are hundreds of different manufacturers offering jigsaws and it makes it very hard for buyers to form a purchase decision. Don’t worry, with this guide we are going to show you some of the top jigsaw brands on the planet. Surely, this would help you in finding the best jigsaw for your need.

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1. Ryobi

ryobi-jigsawRyobi is one of the pioneers in the power tool industry. They make high-quality power tools that are also very cost effective and durable. In fact, their prices are extremely competitive for the feature set the offer that it makes it very hard for other brands to compete. They do not offer the most premium constructions, however, taking into account the features, benefits, warranty and reputation you get from buying a Ryobi power tool, we saw that it is well worth it.

2. Makita

makita-jigsawMakita is a household name that anyone knows about, even children who have nothing to do with power tools. Indeed, in the world of power tools, Makita is one of the kings that reign supreme.

You will hardly find faults with power tools made from Makita and most of the jigsaws are exceptionally well bills with a nice set of features that would prove to be incredibly handy on the job.

If you’re looking for a dependable jigsaw brand, then Makita is surely one that will not disappoint.

3. Bosch

bosh-jigsawOf course, everyone knows what Bosch is. Bosch make power tools ranging from the entry-level affordable ones to high-end and premium tools. Jigsaws made by Bosch are one of the most well put and clean designs we have seen. They are very dependable jigsaws that are built with high quality materials. They are also extremely performing regardless of their price range.

Bosch is also very well known for their labor free warranty that can sometimes extend to five years for many of them more premium jigsaw models. You have absolutely nothing to lose with this brand, mostly because their power tools are very dependable and very rarely break down.

4. Festool

festool-jigsawYou might expect that with a name like that, Festool is a bad jigsaw brand. But you would be wrong because they make one of the most appealing and high quality jigsaws we know of. Indeed, this specialist power tool makes extremely comfortable and performing jigsaws.

However, their prices are not for everyone because they mostly specialize in making premium quality jigsaws which obviously will cost you extra.

5. Porter-Cable

porter-cable-jigsawAnother household name in the world of power tools. Porter cable very decent high-quality jigsaws that are used by both beginners and experts. We personally have a few lying around and have served us well for many years without any problems.

Jigsaws made by Porter cable are usually very affordable and yet offer a well-rounded set of features an accident overall build construction. Most consumers of Porter cable are very satisfied with this service and Porter cable is a brand that excels in customer support. This is most definitely a very good brand for any beginner out there looking for their first jigsaw.