Tips & Tricks on Using a Jigsaw

tips-tricks-on-using-jigsawThe jigsaw is an incredibly handy and practical wood cutting power tool in the workshop. If you do not own a jigsaw already, then you are missing out a lot on what is possible in cutting wood quickly and efficiently. It is a very easy to use power tool that can cut a large amount of wood, whether you want to get straight cuts or curve-edged cuts. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use a jigsaw the right way.

1. Always choose the correct blade



Jigsaws by default come with a standard blade that is made mostly to cut wood. While in most cases this standard blade works for most purposes, it is mostly meant to cut wood. If you are using a standard blade to cut plastic, Plexiglas or worse metal then you will have a hard time using the jigsaw to get a professional and precise cut.

Indeed, it is very important for you to choose the right blade for your jigsaw. It is easy to choose the right blade, as most manufacturers clearly mark the purpose of the blade on their packaging so that you never use the wrong blade for the wrong job.

2. Straight Cuts

If you have ever tried to cut wood or any other material using a jigsaw, then you have probably noticed this tendency that the jigsaw highs to veer away from the straight line. This is of perfectly normal behavior, and one that can easily be corrected by simply clamping a guide to your cut. The guide can be anything from plywood to a plastic guide and it will help you get a straight and perfect cut.

Do not try to cut using the jigsaw without a guy as most of the time the end result would be subpar. However, experienced woodworkers will have no problem cutting straight lines without the help of a guide. As with anything else, the jigsaw is a tool that will require some skill to operate.

3. Cutting Circles

curve-cutOne of the main purpose of the jigsaw is that it is a good power tool to cut straight lines. But it is not the best. Indeed, the jigsaw is reputed for not cutting straight cuts but making circles and curves. When you are cutting circles or curves using to jigsaw, then do not apply a lot of force to the jigsaw. The blade of the jigsaw makes quick back and forth motions so that he can cut the most wood with the most efficiency possible. Therefore, you do not have to apply a lot of force to the jigsaw. Instead, simply guide the jigsaw with your hand and you will get a very professional and perfect cut.

4. Pencil Lines

Last but not least, whenever you need to make a straight cut or circles or even curves using the jigsaw then make sure that you draw the cut with a pensive line. Having a pencil line on your material will allow you to have visual cues on where exactly you need to do the cutting. It is something so simple, but you would be amazed how many people omit this simple woodworking technique.


There you have it. Working with the jigsaw has never been easier. If you have a lot of wood to cut easily and efficiently then start using those advices today when working with your jigsaw. It will quickly start paying off.

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